Farm glamping in nature where you can feel “Tottori’s one and only food, views and space!”
-Moi Sorayama-
2023.5 GRAND OPEN!

‘Feel the color of Sorayama’

Nature with a lot of greenery, seasonal flowers,
fruits changing their colors, local ingredients
with beautiful color coordination,
the starry sky at night...
The transition of seasons
with many colors changing
that you can experience only in Sorayama, Tottori,
will make your stay so memorable.
“Tottori farm glamping -Moi Sorayama-,”
where you can feel “Tottori’s food,
views and space” was born!
The name of our facility is called “Moi,”
which means “Hi!” in Finnish.
We would like many people to come here
and enjoy our facility.
We are waiting for you!

Moi Sorayama
7 Attractions

Farm glamping

Feeling “Tottori’s one and only food, views and space”
Farm glamping

There is a fruits farm called “Hirooka Farm,” located in the middle of Sorayama in the south of Tottori City, and “Tottori farm glamping -Moi Sorayama-“ was born on the premises.
Please enjoy the Japan’s seasonal views, the starry night sky you feel like you can reach, the experience of using the fruits with a variety of colors that the fruits farm offers, and one and only food and space only here!

A guest room with a private garden

Feeling great nature with all five senses
A guest room with a private garden

There are 5 buildings on the vast land, and they secure the private space. All the buildings have a dome-shaped tent, mobile home, and private garden that is over 200㎡, and are equipped with a comfortable eating space, individual bonfire, bathroom and toilet. You can go up to the roof of a mobile home and enjoy an open view of great nature’s mountains, the starry sky at night, and a night view of the Tottori City.

The magnificent view of the starry sky

It is also known as “Hoshitori” Prefecture.
The magnificent view of the starry sky

“Star Watching Network” is held by the Ministry of the Environment, and Tottori City has been chosen as number one in Japan many times.
Wherever you are, you can see the Milky Way, and it is easier to find shooting stars. Please enjoy the magnificent starry sky as far as you can see from the roof of a mobile home beside a dome-shaped tent.

Glamping BBQ

Using Tottori’s ingredients
Glamping BBQs aiming for local production for local consumption.

The rich nature in Tottori has developed the treasure trove of food. For dinner, please enjoy BBQs using Tottori Wagyu that represents Tottori and seasonal vegetables. Additionally, you can bring your favorite ingredients and enjoy your meal and original BBQ, which is more flexible and unique to outdoor activities.

Food activities

We cooperate with the Hirooka Farm, which has continued fruit cultivation for more than 50 years.
Food activities

We work together with Hirooka Farm, where the planted area of crops is 16 hectares and the annual amount of crop harvest is 70t, and we would like to offer you food activities. Please enjoy the high-quality fruits that have been thoroughly considered since its founding.

Amenities & rentals

Adding color to your stay
Amenities & rentals

There is a transparent dome-shaped tent in a shared space. Rental outdoor goods and various amenities are installed in a transparent dome-shaped tent so that even outdoor beginners can enjoy glamping safely and comfortably. We also provide a skincare set female guests would like which is created by the Japan’s first organic cosmetic brand “OSAJI,” and it is very gentle on the skin.

Pet friendly guest rooms

You can stay with your doggy!
Pet friendly guest rooms

There are exclusively two buildings that have guest rooms with a private dog run, and you can stay with your doggy. The private dog run is over 400㎡ and dogs can play off leash. In addition, dogs' amenities are installed so that you can enjoy your stay with your doggy comfortably. Please freely enjoy the private space overlooking the great nature with your doggy.


There are 5 buildings in total and we will offer you a guest room where you can feel nature.
Our facility is very spacious and private. Please have a wonderful time looking at an open view of the mountains.

  • Garden Dome

    Garden Dome

    6 people
  • Doggy Dome

    Doggy Dome

    5 people


    • bathroom with bathtub

    • Each building is equipped with a bathtub where you can relax and unwind. You can see the magnificent nature from the window.
    • Separate toilet/washroom space

    • Each building also has separate toilet and washroom spaces. Women and people with children can also stay with peace of mind.
    • Individual BBQ space

    • There is an air-conditioned BBQ space in the trailer next to the tent. Enjoy BBQ comfortably in all seasons.
    • [Dog Dome] Large private dog run

    • The garden space at Dog Dome, where you can stay with your dog, serves as a large private dog run where you can run your dog to its heart's content.

Surrounding sightseeing



We will answer your questions about our facility. About the equipment and amenities, please check out the detailed information on the Room page.


The check-in location

151 Hirooka, Tottori City, Tottori Prefecture, 689-1116, Japan  Within Hirooka Farm
  • By car

    Approximately 1 hour from Yamasaki IC
    Via Chugoku Expressway / Himeji-Tottori Line / Tottori Expressway, please get off at Tottori-minami IC and it takes approximately 10 mins from there.

  • By train

    Please take a taxi from Tottori Station and it takes approximately 15 mins. It costs approximately 2400 yen for one way. list